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Tired of editing clips from your podcast?

We'll do it for you, and do it even better. Spend less time behind the computer and more time doing what you love. You deserve it!

Pricing and Plans


For established podcasters looking to take their repurposing to the next level.



For emerging podcasters looking to simplify their repurposing, and regain their freedom.


Social Clips

Social Clips

Social clips meet your audience where they are, and help new listeners discover your show. They deliver valuable insights in stories in less than 60 seconds. 

Topic Clips

Topic Videos

Topic clips take the best 5-10 minute segments from your show, and turn them into
SEO rich YouTube Content that will last for years to come. 

Time Stamps


Timestamps create a table of contents for your content that helps your audience find the information that's most relevant to them.

0:00 Introduction
0:34 How Mitch became a Tim Ferris Fan
1:32 Why authors have great opportunities in the podcasting world
2:08 How Grant got into Tim Ferris
3:42 When did Tim get started Podcasting
5:12 Tim’s first repurposed podcast videos
8:09 Why you should be wary of borrowing strategy from massive influencers
9:37 How established influencers don’t need to be as strategic on social media
11:54 Blog post repurposing
13:00 Standing out with branded designs
15:25 Twitter repurposing strategy
16:24 Why Tim wants your email address for Five Bullet Friday
20:05 Some ideas for improving thumbnails
24:06 Tim’s experimental mindset
25:30 Why you should choose your own path in podcasting

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