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Our Values

When Mitch and Grant started AuthentIQ they wanted to create careers of purpose and fulfillment. For them, this meant firmly establishing a set of values that reflected the way they wanted AuthentIQ to serve the businesses they work with.

Be authentic:

Be transparent with clients and co-workers.  Align your actions with your thoughts, beliefs and words. 


Seek happiness:

Happy people do exceptional work. Unhappy people produce uninspired work. If you’re not fulfilled with your day to day, make a change. 


Have integrity: 

Own up to your faults and acknowledge your strengths. Never sweep anything under the rug. Always do the right thing. The right thing to do is the smart thing to do.


Be humble:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. We’re all here to help one another succeed. Be humble, but always recognize your strengths.

Be bold:

Think outside the box and take risks. Revolutionary ideas come from being original and thinking like no one before you did. 


Embrace simplicity: 

The most effective methods are often the simplest. Don’t overthink things. 


Give now and always, not “later”:

Don’t wait until you’re “rich” to pay it forward. If you don’t have money, give your time. In the end, there’s nothing more valuable than your time.


Develop long term, detailed visions:

Build clear goals and visions then continuously revisit and refine them. 


Practice empathy:

Understand other people’s perspectives and put yourself in their shoes. 


Make a lot out of a little:

Look at the resources at hand, and make the most of them. Don’t wait for your managers to direct you to take action. 

Deliver results:

Do your best to deliver value and accurately articulate results. The more we grow our client’s businesses, the more we grow.

Place purpose before profit:

Work on projects and with companies that get you excited and that make the world a better place. Any work towards a good cause is already worthwhile whether it makes money or not.  If you’re going to do anything, why not do good? 


Leverage compounding interest:

Embrace work that builds on itself in the long term. Dogged incremental progress is the key to massive success. Plant small seeds with huge growth potential and water them consistently. 

A rising tide lifts all boats:

Encourage and help others around you, and you will receive continuous gratification and lasting success.

Big change starts small:

Focus on developing smart habits that help accomplish your long term goals .


Be sustainable:

Choose to put your time towards initiatives that promote sustainability in the following 4 areas: Environmental, Personal, Economic, and Societal.


Give the client what they truly need, not just what they ask for:

In the short run, this will lose us clients, but in the long run, it will help us build a positive reputation and deliver more consistent results. 

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