🌱 Is your podcast not growing the way it deserves?

Video 1: The mistake most podcasters make.

Here’s the mistake most podcasters make: they schedule great guests, create great content, publish it on Apple and Spotify, and then just post a link on their social media channels saying “Listen to my new podcast episode.”


They’re missing the most important step: repurposing.

Video 2: How to increase engagement with your podcasts.

We can't expect someone who has never engaged with our podcast to listen to us for 30-90 minutes.

A much more realistic progression is piquing their interest with a 30-90 second clip.


This quick demonstration of value or entertainment is far more likely to result in someone listening to a full length episode than posting a link to your podcast.


As a rule of thumb: Videos under 2 minutes perform best on social media. In addition, platforms prioritize boosting the reach of your content if it’s posted natively instead of linking to another site.

Video 3: Leveraging your social media followers.

Over the years, it’s likely that you’ve built up a network of followers across your social networks.

Each of those followers is on social media to laugh, to learn, and to be inspired.

Your podcast can fulfill those desires.

But first, you have to make it easy for your digital friends to consume the valuable content you’re posting.

Video 4: What is a voice video?

Voice Videos are 30-90 second highlights that combine visual and auditory elements to encompass all consumption styles. 

Technically speaking, a Voice Video includes a video or static image, audio, subtitles, waveform, and progress bar. 

Metaphorically speaking, Voice Videos are the trailer to your podcast. They provide short bursts of entertainment and value to draw in new listeners and keep current ones coming back for more.

Video 5: Why use Voice Videos?

Voice Videos allow you to reach people in the learning style that suits them. 

65% of people are visual learners. 30% of people are auditory learners. 

Being able to reach people in the form of consumption they prefer is powerful and keeps nearly everyone engaged. 

They also work well to increase the reach of your podcast in a time where attention spans are continuously shrinking. 

Video 6: Why you don't need new episodes to create new content.

Leverage your prior content.


Just because you posted a podcast 6 months ago does not mean you should never reference it again. It is valuable content.

Get the most out of your content old and new through repurposing. 

Final Video: How to get started making your own Voice Video.

Tools we use:

Creating Branded Templates: Canva

Adding Subtitles: Veed.IO

Publishing Content: Hootsuite

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