Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing allows your business to get connected with individuals that are actively searching for your services or products by increasing your visibility on Google and other search engines. 


For instance, if you’re an Ecommerce business that sells inflatable stand up paddle boards, you can run ads to individuals that are searching for the following phrases:

  • “Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards”

  • “Inflatable SUPS”

  • “Portable Paddle Boards” 

  • “Kayak Alternatives”

  • “<Your Brand Name>”


When an individual clicks on your ad, your ad account gets charged. This is called Cost Per Click or “CPC.” The beauty here is, instead of paying per impression or view, you only pay when an individual arrives on your site. Depending on the competitiveness of your industry online, the cost per click varies. For the example we used, the phrase “stand up paddle boards” would cost ~$1.39/click.


At AuthentIQ, we offer SEM as a “done for you” service. This means we act as an extension of your team to help grow your business in alignment with your high level strategic objectives.