Walking 26.5 miles during a 9-5 work day #WalkNTalk

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir

The other day, I decided to take Muir's advice and have a different type of work day. It's called a #WalkNTalk

From 9-5, I walked the entire day. I documented the experience so that I could inspire others to think about their workday differently. My goal throughout was to create 10 pieces of video content and have 10 phone conversations.

On Tuesday, April 28th, I walked 26.5 miles from 9-5 to inspire others to think about their standard workday.

But why #WalkNTalk?

I was partially inspired to do this from my morning walks before my workday in Somerville, MA. I find that a 30 minute walk before getting behind the computer provides immense clarity and inspires a few new ideas to execute on during the workday.

My weird routine was reaffirmed when I read that Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, walks over 1 hour each way to the office for similar reasons to mine.

I was also inspired by some science that suggests walking has benefits that could make me more effective as a creative marketer. In a Stanford University study, Marily Oppezzo and Daniel Schwartz found that walking improves creativity during the activity and shortly thereafter. In a controlled, indoor experiment, they found that during activity, creative output increased by 60%.

Looking at the big picture

If you take a step back and look at the big picture, our new standard workday of sitting behind a laptop from 9-5+ is a bit absurd. If our ancient ancestors heard about our standard workday, they might think we were crazy. I've certainly noticed that when I spend too much time sitting behind the screen, my lower back starts crying for help and my overall morale suffers. Feeling a bit of cabin fever amidst the Covid-19 quarantine during late April of 2020, I decided now was the time to try something unique.

The Journey

Throughout the day, I posted videos to share progress, and discuss some of my unique perspectives. You can follow along real time below.

Mile 1: Why I'm doing a #WalkNTalk

Mile 4: Creating content to share your unique perspectives.

Mile 5.1: Slowing down to experience more.

Mile 7.5: What is normal today has not always been normal.

Mile 15.6: What is authenticity?

Mile 20: The importance of a support network (and cookies).

Mile 22: Longterm focus during uncertain times.

Mile 23: Creating a vision as crystal clear as this lighthouse.

Mile 26.5: "I kinda want to do it again."

The Results


  • 26.57 Miles Covered

  • 7:24 Moving Time

  • 3,813 Calories burned

  • 2 slightly sore hips

Business Outcomes:

  • Made 9 LinkedIn posts throughout the Day

  • Sent 46 customized voice messages on Linkedin

  • 18 of those customized voice messages turned into conversations

  • Had 5 in depth phone conversations

  • 2 new leads that engaged with #WalkNTalk posts scheduled discovery calls

Some Realizations

Everything is best in moderation.

Just like sitting behind a computer all day isn't healthy, neither is walking the entire day. Every once in a while it's okay, but to do this more sustainably, it's best to find a middle ground. I wanted to offer an extreme example not to inspire others to do exactly what I'm doing, but to inspire them to think differently and analyze their standard workday.

Doing things that last

At mile 23, I asked myself this question: "Would my 60 year old self look back and be proud of this day?" I genuinely think 60 year old Grant would be proud of the WalkNTalk. That's the type of daily activities that I want to focus on.

Yes, I can be extremely productive out from behind the computer.

The buzz that I created, and the conversations I had over LinkedIn lead to some opportunities. The campaign showcased our creativity at AuthentIQ and I received a lot of messages thanking me for the inspiration.

Would you join me for a #WalkNTalk?

I'll be doing more of these in the future, especially when I travel to new places. If you sign up for our email newsletter if you would like to get notified so you can join along, and maybe even do a #WalkNTalk of you own.

We want to help transform your business

Would you like to explore how AuthentIQ can help your business implement creative strategies like a #WalkNTalk to grow your business? We love forms, but you can also leave us a voice message below. We can't wait to hear your voice!

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