What can Monster's INC teach business owners?


On the brink of an energy crisis, Monster's, Inc. accidentally transforms itself from a struggling company that was fueled by the fear of children to a wildly successful business that produced their product by making children laugh.

The conundrum

The Monster World is facing an energy crisis. Monster's, Inc. harvests all their energy from the screams of children and kids these days just aren't as easy to scare as they used to be.

The way things have been

Due to this energy "scare," their CEO pushes his elite scarers to their scaring limits.

The way he sees it, in order to succeed, they need to simply scare MORE!

Stumbling upon a better way

Sully and Mike Wazowski, the company's top scarers, find themselves in a sticky situation when a child appropriately named "Boo" escapes her room into the monster world.

Sully, normally known for his fear inducing scares, finds a soft spot for the child. While desperately trying to get her back to her rightful home, Mike and Sully realize that every time Boo would laugh, the lights flickered and blew the circuits.

At first, they didn't realize what this could mean for the company.


In a series of desperate moments, the crooked CEO, tries to implement a "scream extractor" that would literally suck the "scare" right out of kids, producing energy to combat the energy crisis.

Mike and Sully cleverly expose the crooked CEO's plan to the CDA (Child Detection Agency), taking Waternoose out of power at the organization.

The transformation

In an effort to save the company, Mike and Sully try to switch things up by trying out laughter as a means to produce energy.

Mike uses his self injuring comedic skills to prove that laughter is 10x more powerful than screams turning the "scare floor" into a "laugh floor."

Monster's, Inc. went from a struggling company that was fueled by the fear of children to a wildly successful business that produced their product by making children laugh.

What should your business do about it?

Is your business stuck in the old way of doing things, producing poor results and unhappy customers?

If so, it might be time to take some entrepreneurial spirit from Mike and Sully.

First off, is your company treating any of its partners unjustly? Employees, customers, logistics partners or manufacturing partners? If so, it's time to find ways to transform your business model so that you can treat everyone with dignity. It doesn't matter if you're the biggest business on the planet if you're making money at the detriment of humans, animals or the environment.

What mutually beneficial relationships can you develop with your partners? Is there something you could be doing to improve lives that could 10X your company? You truly can be better all while doing better. When you look at your business as an opportunity to serve others, doors will open for you.

In your marketing, are you trying to frighten your customers into buying? If so, think of the ways you can encourage positive emotion in your marketing. For example, if you're a life insurance company, don't induce fear showcasing all the bad things that could happen to your family if you were to pass. Instead, showcase the peace of mind you will receive knowing that your family is safe and secure if you're insured.

Would you like to explore value focused marketing campaigns to help grow your business with AuthentIQ? We can help you rethink your marketing as a way to produce value for your current and future clients, developing deep relationships that last. We love forms, but you can also leave us a voice message below. We can't wait to hear your voice!

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