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5 Tools that will enhance your Podcast Microvideos

Riverside.FM | Increase your recording quality.

A polished microvideo starts with a good foundation. While Zoom or Google Hangouts are built for team meetings, Riverside is built for remote video recording.

Riverside saves local recordings and uploads them after the interview is complete. This means spotty wifi recordings can be a thing of the past. | Efficiently edit out short clips.

Descript creates a transcript of your conversation so that you can edit by reading, not listening.

Once you have found sections of the conversation that stand out, you highlight the text, add it to a new composition and wabam!!! You've just saved boatloads of time and frustration. | Create branded designs that make your videos stand out.

Social media is the ultimate grassroots competition for attention. That means you better step up your game. With Canva, you can add a headline that makes your video stand out and give context to the topic of the microvideo.

We also use Canva to add a thumbnail and a 5 second video outro that packages microvideos into brand awareness machines. | Get near perfect subtitles for your videos.

Once your micro videos are selected, Rev uses a combination of AI and human editors to create near perfect captions making your videos easier to consume.

Most people don't have their sound on when scrolling social media, so this is vital for capturing attention and making your videos accessible.

Veed.IO | Bring everything together and reformat for different social platforms.

When the .SRT caption file is delivered from Rev, and the microvideo gets it's design in Canva, Veed brings it all together. It also allows you to reformat sizing to optimize your videos for different social platforms. Veed can also serve as a basic web based video editor for you and your virtual team.


Are you feeling overwhelmed by this process? Let's chat! We offer a done for you service that will maximize the reach and impact of your podcasts.

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