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About the opportunity:

From the time Mitch and Grant were freshman roommates in Park Manor West they always knew they’d start a business together. After a few pivots, they found an opportunity to help content creators grow through content repurposing. Now, they’re looking to hire current Babson students to streamline and improve their workflow with clients.

As previous Babson students, Mitch and Grant wished there would have been a better way to earn money, and build relevant experience outside of a summer internship. And we hope to build an opportunity that helps you build your entrepreneurial skills outside of class and have fun doing it.

🎥  Making awesome video content for our clients. 
✂️ Selecting highlights from podcasts, webinars and livestreams. 
👨‍🎨 Adding thumbnails, music, background video, and animations to clips.
📩 Coordinating with clients to fix mistakes, and refine designs. 

What we need help with:

→ Starting at $15/hour w/ a $1 raise every 6 months
→ 4-7 hours/week 

Pay & time commitment:

Canva, Descript, Adobe Suite

Platforms we use:


→ Guilt Free Mental Health Breaks. Sometimes, life gets overwhelming and you need time to focus on just yourself. As a freelancer, you have full control over your schedule. If you need time off, you get it, no questions asked.


→ Membership to RockSpot in Dedham OR a monthly $25 gift card to Cafe Nero in Wellesley.

We want you to stay active and get off the Babson campus without the guilt of fronting the bill.


→ Work with us for 2 consecutive years and we’ll pay for your season ski pass or put up to $350 towards Zip Car or gas money to go on local adventures.


Interested in this opportunity?! Just say hello!
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Co-Founder | Mitch Kubik
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Co-Founder | Grant Taleck
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