Audio Messages

Creating compelling experiences online is difficult.


The human voice can help bridge that gap.

The human voice holds tremendous power. Think of listening to Morgan Freeman in any of his movies, or MLK on stage. Their delivery creates deep emotion in listeners, and that emotion helps inspire action. 


With clever copy, quality audio, and an authentic speaker, the human voice can provide tremendous results for your business. 


With this service, we’ll work with you to create and launch an end product with high level strategy and a specific objective in mind. 



Objective setting

What outcome are we trying to accomplish? Based on the high level strategy we have developed together, we determine an objective you wish to accomplish with the audio short. 


Some Example Objectives:

  • Improving conversion rates on checkout Page

  • Boosting donations on a non-profit website

  • Increasing effectiveness of testimonials 

  • Connecting with potential career candidates on a deeper level


Creative Development​

Based on your objectives, we create a compelling story that can be told in 30-90 seconds. 

Basic Structure

Intro: Why should I care to listen?

Story: Draw the listener in.

Call to Action: Give them an opportunity to learn more, connect or buy.


Finding a Voice 

We work with your team to determine a team member, customer or partner that will best suit the creative strategy we implemented. 


More often than not, the voice behind this audio short will be the business owner or founder. Imagine going on Tesla’s website and when near checkout, a highly authentic audio clip of Elon pops up saying how grateful he is for the support and your interest in Tesla.


Audio Recording

We utilize professional audio recording equipment that will produce a rich sounding end product. 


If you’re in the Greater Boston area, we can arrange a time and place to meet to record in person. We can also ship the audio equipment to you and coach you through using it virtually. Under certain circumstances, we can travel to meet you and your team in person. In fact, we’d prefer to do this in person but technology is amazing and enables this process remotely.


Website implementation

We work with your team to deploy the audio short onto your site. We will ensure that the audio player matches the aesthetic of your brand and that the placement flows nicely with the other components on your site. 

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